The MIA line aka The Blaque Label

After the Season 1 Finale of Real Housewives of Vancouver, Reiko made an accusation against Mia Claman via twitter,

Mia fought back against the accusation saying,

I decided to see if the statement was true by comparing items from the Blaque label to screenshots from Mia’s fashion show(since Mia still hasn’t made a website for her line). It didn’t take long to realize that the items are exact copies of items from the line. The Claman Clan has been caught in a lie once again. They really have to start showing those excellent morals that they’re supposed to have. At this point, can anyone believe anything that comes out of their mouths?

Here are some examples:






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      • So funny… even one of the other Housewives – Melissa Gorga from RHONJ – wore one of the “Blaque Label” dresses that the Clamans claimed as their own MIA design… How can anyone be so stupid !!!???!!!

        Do they actually think they won´t be found out? LOL

        Look here:

  1. Not surprising that they are caught in yet another lie. Not only are they trashy and rude, they have no real talent. I hope they don’t come back for season 2.

    • I know right! Please get someone more interesting and less irritating. I can’t stand watching either Jody or Mia.

      • they have absolutely no talent thats why they have to steal others. Nothing but liars they are, disgust me, think they have so much class, look like they crawled under a rock, no fashion sense at all.

      • I am absolutely amazed at the viscousness of Jodie and her devil spawn Mia. The pendulum always swings back and I CAN’T WAIT to see the look on their facse when it does. Take THAT, sweetcheeks. (gag)

  2. It’s too bad that Jodie and Mia are so oblivious to their self-destructive attitudes and behaviours that they don’t realize they are sabotaging their lifestyle and their businesses on National television.
    I have only seen a small portion of the show and blown away by their childish insecurities and complete lack of respect for anyone!!!

  3. It’s all about ratings, lol. The show wouldn’t be as interesting if there weren’t a couple of skanky biatches in it.

  4. I am so saddened that these sort of people have received so much attention, air time and recognition. They say there is no such thing as ” bad publicity “- ANY Attention is too much. After watching the last episode I realized I don’t even ENJOY watching this sort of thing. I feel like a part of the problem and not a part of the solution. The fact is Jody and Mia do not care what we think, they don’t have a conscience the way most women do, they have not any remorse when they behave so abhorrently. Our comments will not serve to change them. It’s just all so very humiliating to think that ANYONE would think the majority of the LADIES in Vancouver are like these women. Their behavior is beyond loathsome and it will not change . It simply will not change, I find that sad. Money cannot buy class, manners, kindness or a soul.

  5. Unfortunately my first thought after the finale of the show – after Jody and Mia’s increasingly abhorrent behavior – was that they are going to end up with their own show! How sad it would be if bullying were to get rewarded.

  6. isnt this illegal? Why has Jody and Mia not been served for fraud? My god. The pair are incredibly trashy. The Glass House may find itself shattered very soon.

    • Unfortunately I was one of those who got stung by them thinking this line was MIA and then found an entire video by Blaque Label with all the styles – just Google Blaque Label Holiday 2011 and you will find a You Tube Video and photos of most of the items on the Blaque Label facebook page. All of the MIA clothing clearly has the Blaque Label original labels torn out of them (there are marks to prove it) and the MIA labels that don’t even fit properly sewn on to the fabric content labels. I believe THIS IS FRAUD!

  7. Pam, if they do, (and you’re right, it WOULD be rewarding bullying), Slice wouldn’t survive. Can you imagine a story on CBC about it? Slice TV SUPPORTS FRAUD AND BULLYING.

  8. Apparently they buy all their birkins from this guy in italy. They are almost perfect but they are all FAKE! You dont live in a condo and drive a beat up hummer all the while carrying 250k worth of hermes. #frauds. I really hope everyone will call her out on her shit in the reunion.

  9. they bitch about there sales plumiting and blame it on the other housewifes. maybe its because your so nasty no one would do business with her including me!w

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